A Trucking GPS System Replaces Headaches With Efficiency

Business owners and managers that oversee trucking fleet schedules, maintenance and repairs are tasked with finding innovative ways to maximize their usefulness and profitability. Knowing where each vehicle is at all times and its road worthiness are difficult things to measure with inadequate systems.

One of the top solutions many companies are taking advantage of is installing a trucking GPS system in each vehicle. For those tasked with trucking fleet oversight, the benefits more that outweigh the startup expense and can create a significant revenue uptick. These are some of the ways a trucking GPS system can ratchet up productivity.

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  • Theft Prevention and Recovery: Most trucking fleet overseers are often unsure where each vehicle is located. This is a problem because you may not know that a vehicle has been stolen for many hours. That makes prevention and recover extremely difficult, even unlikely. Trucking GPS tracking systems can be tailored to provide you with movement notifications and pinpoint locations. A thief won’t get very far with a viable trucking GPS device installed.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Every workforce has excellent truck drivers and others that concern you as the boss. Most professionals adhere to speed limits and stay on the scheduled routes. But for those drivers that are inclined to drive too fast or freelance, you will know exactly where they are and how long it took to get there. Reining in poor team behavior will save on vehicle wear and tear and wasted fuel costs. And, drivers won’t be able to run personal errands any longer.
  • User Friendly Features: You won’t need to be a rocket scientist to operate a trucking GPS system. Because the technology has been created to work seamlessly with standard computer browsers and Internet-capable electronic devices, you can access it with your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Your trucking GPS data is a finger-tap away at all times.
  • Improve Maintenance Scheduling: The old school method of figuring out when a vehicle should be tapped for servicing meant keeping a mileage log and periodically climbing behind wheel to check the odometer. Being able to make advanced vehicle service plans allows you to keep every truck operating at a high level and avoid inconvenient and costly roadside breakdowns. Knowing when a vehicle needs to come off the road also allows you to plan workforce needs.
  • Meeting Regulations: The federal government has mandated that all trucks have electronic logging devices that act as improved substitutes for hand-written driver logs. A trucking GPS device and system manages that task accurately and efficiently.

Take Advantage of Trucking GPS System Benefits

Besides saving time, improving efficiency and putting more black ink in a business’ ledger, a trucking GPS system alleviates many of the more time-consuming duties that fleet managers are tasked with. Replacing stress and headaches with efficiency and profitability is a pretty good trade off.

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