Benefits of Direct Mail Advertising to a Business

Most people assume that with the advent of social media, video, and ads in this digital era, direct mail is dead. However, nothing could be farther from the fact. Direct mailing is one of the most effective ways of interacting with your clients. It involves sending tangible offers and promotions to customers and prospects by mail.  
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It’s Highly Targeted
Without a doubt, you can use other advertising mediums such as TV, magazines, radio, but there’s no guarantee you’ll reach the target audience. Direct mail allows you to relay complete information about a product or service to typically every conceivable group. 
It makes it possible to reach the people that you want to hear from. That implies there are high chances they’ll receive the message and buy whatever product or services you’re promoting. 

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Appears More Trustworthy
A direct mail receives a response rate of 3.4% from an existing customer while an email attracts a response rate of 0.12%, according to a study by DMA. 
With the rising cases of spam and phishing, the email is become less desirable with the open and response rates going down as time progresses. However, most people trust direct mail provided it offers value. 

Highly Measurable
Direct mail advertisements are very measurable in the sense that as a business, it will be simple to project the results of one or more campaigns. In most cases, you only need to key in the coupon used in the direct mail. Businesses can keep track of the responses and calculate the profitability of the campaigns in question. 

Easy to Process 
A study conducted by Canada Post Corporation in 2015 reveals that direct mail demand less cognitive focus to assimilate compared to the digital ads. As such, a direct mail improves the campaign impact by 21%. That means it the most efficient channel for businesses intending to pass messages that may be difficult to decode using other means.

Highly Flexible 
Campaigns through direct mail are flexible in that a business owner can include as much information as possible. Besides, it’s even possible to add a free sample together with the mail in their promotions. Thanks to the direct mail services Phoenix, businesses can spend as much or as little as they want in their advertisement.

 Reliable Direct Mail Services in Phoenix, AZ
Undoubtedly, there’s proof enough that direct mail is superior to most channels of business products and services advertising thanks to its ability to target, high flexibility, ease of decoding and trustworthiness. As such, every business in Phoenix should consider incorporating direct mailing in their campaigns for better conversions.


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