Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Toyota

Toyota car Manufacture Company is probably the most respected name in the vehicle production industry globally. However, the automotive giant didn’t wake up to instant success. The overall success of the company is a manifestation of many years of patience and hard work.

Almost seven out of ten cars on the road are inscribed Toyota. In fact, nearly every family that owns several vehicles has a Toyota brand in the collection. Toyota has a long history that can’t be said in few words. Below are some amazing facts about Toyota that will surprise you even as you embark on your 2018 Toyota search.

The Initial Name of the Company was Toyoda

It was Kiichiro Toyoda, the elder son of Sakichi Toyoda who decided to transform his father’s Toyoda’s Loom Works Company into an automotive manufacturing industry. This led to the official establishment of the Toyota Motors Company in early 1937. The company was initially referred to as Toyoda, but its growth and penetration to the United States necessitated the change of its name from Toyoda to Toyota. Its management settled on Toyota due to the association of the name with the lucky number eight in traditional Japanese culture.

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Toyota is the Leading Global Green Brand

Toyota overtook its competitors and different famous global brands to become the foremost Global Green brand. The company was ranked by the IBS in 2016 as the number 1 Green Brand. This means that Toyota is always mindful of the environment.

It has the Highest Figure of Patents

Even as you embark on the 2018 Toyota search, you’ll be surprised to learn that it is the brand with the highest number of registered patents. The total number of registered Toyota patents stand at 1000. The company is set to launch numerous car models in the coming days. The world should be prepared for more innovations coming from Toyota.

Boost the Most Excellent Selling Nameplate

Forget about the 1000 registered patents, according to different statistics; Corolla is currently the highest-selling nameplate for all cars all over the world. The told number of Toyota Corolla that had been sold as at 2014 was over 30 million. The more surprising fact is that the nameplate has been the highest-selling nameplate since 1997.

The Company Values Research and Development

Toyota spends astronomical sums of money on research and development, more than any other brand in the world. Do you want to know how much Toyota spends on Research and Development? A whopping $1million every hour which transforms to over $9 billion annually. Surprised? That is precisely why your Toyota Sedan is smooth and extra comfortable. Most of the research is focused on future concepts, designs, automobile technologies, and ideas.

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